A Simple Homestead Holiday

This year I decided that “less is more” and that we would have a simple, old-fashioned Christmas. Making it to the end of 2020 was a cause to celebrate and many went all out for the holidays. What fun!

Honestly, I just didn’t have the bandwidth this year. I was grateful for healthy family and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our nuclear family, but it was simple.

I bought a small tree and decorated with simple, rustic pieces. Chunky wooden ornaments, rustic bells, cotton blossoms, pine cones from the yard, and some buffalo plaid ribbon.

I hung some bells from ribbon and collected a few pine boughs to frame the window. Simple, but festive.


I found some fun puzzles and geode rocks from Treehouse Kid and Craft (treehousekidandcraft.com). The geodes come whole and then you crack them open to reveal the crystalized minerals inside. For $2.00 per geode, it was a steal! We did other gifts as well, but these were some of my favorites.

The inside of a geode.


For the first time in decades, we didn’t have a Christmas ham for the simple reason that I forgot to buy the ham! So, we improvised with some homemade posole and tamales. It was actually fun to spend the time with the family and not in the kitchen.

How was your 2020 Christmas? Was it a simple, quiet affair or was it fabulous and fancy? Did you create any new traditions?


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