Raised Bed Gardening

At our former house in the ‘burbs, we had three small raised beds that we used for vegetable gardens. They did well, were easy to maintain, and seemed to keep the rabbits out. When we moved out to the country, my husband built a larger raised bed and made it much higher. It is very easy to reach and manage the plants and weeds. It also provides a structure on which to attach netting. Without netting, the deer would eat everything. Also, netting covers the top to protect the garden from hail. We love raised bed gardening!
This is the first raised bed my husband built at our new place.

It’s now two years later and he added on to the original structure. It was our intention all along to enlarge the garden, but the stay-at-home order this spring due to COVID provided the perfect opportunity to tackle this project. We were also happy to increase the amount of food that we are able to harvest and store.

Have you ever tried raised bed gardening? I would love to hear about it.



  1. Most of my veg are grown in raised beds. I built my potager in fall of 2015, and raise over 1000 lbs of food each year. My beds aren’t nearly as elegant as yours, or as high, but I can make them higher if need be as I age. However, my mother is 94 and still uses the ones I built for her so maybe I won’t have to go to that expense! I’d love to have the “cage” you have, to keep raccoons out. They are my worst problem. Best of luck and happy growing.


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