Green Powder

I have been playing around with my new dehydrator and just made a batch of nutritious green powder. You may have seen variations of green powder in health food stores and noticed that it is not cheap! Since it was time to pull the spinach and lettuce from the garden (they were starting to go to seed), I decided to try and make some green powder. The plants would normally go straight to the compost bin, but instead I plucked off the leaves, gave them a good wash, and put them in the dehydrator.

I gathered three full trays of spinach, rocket, radish greens, and dandelion greens. Did you know dandelion greens are a good source of vitamins, calcium, and potassium? Just make sure you pick leaves that have not been treated with chemicals.

This is one tray after 4 hours in the dehydrator at 115°.

Next, I put the dried greens in a bowl and mashed them down. I removed any large stems or bulky parts and then put the greens in an automatic coffee grinder (we have a second cup for the grinder for food and spices).

Now the powder is ready to add to smoothies, soups, sauces, or any dish that could use a nutritious boost (even brownies!). One tablespoon of powder equals about one cup of fresh greens.
We live in a very arid area, so I can store dried goods without vacuum sealing the jar. However, since I will likely open this jar often, I added a packet of food grade desiccant. Packets are available online, or you can save the packets from your vitamin bottles!

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